Restaurant of the Maresca Brothers

Maresca Michele and Rosario

The sea on the table

At the Mercato Montagnola

The restaurant

From Tuesday to Saturday your fish restaurant right inside the market.

Appointments with taste

From the Tuesday three to sushi on Friday and Saturday, with many other events all to eat.

Take away fish

The best fish dishes, ready for your table, for lunch and dinner.

Home delivery

All seafood dishes directly to your home with just one click.

The restaurant in the heart of the market

Who said that a restaurant, a fish shop and a local market must be three distinct things? The Maresca brothers' restaurant has been able to combine them into one stimulating, culinary speech. The fish is very fresh and comes directly from the counter, just a few meters away there are the tables, where guests, lucky witnesses, can enjoy a truly remarkable quantity of fish dishes and the unique emotion of enjoying them in the middle of the market .

The Specialty

Tuna tartare, amberjack, sea bass and swordfish

Ristorante dei Fratelli Maresca

"We accepted the challenge of catering and we carry it forward in the market we love"

Alberto Maresca


+39 06 5414857



Write to the Maresca brothers' restaurant for advice or to place an order


Mercato Montagnola

Viale Pico della Mirandola, 13

giorni e orari di apertura


Tuesday to Saturday
from 7:00 to 22:00

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