Sea bass in salt crust


Sea bass or sea bass in salt crust

A sumptuous and easy to make dish, it retains all the scent and fragrance of fish. The sea bass must be very fresh and possibly of sea, not of breeding even if they are equally good.

  • Preparation 10 Minutes
  • Cooking / kg 30 Minutes
  • Total Time 35 Minutes
  • Portions 4 People
  • Cal / Porz. 260 kcal


  • 1 sea bass or sea bass of about 1kg
  • 1.5kg of coarse salt


  1. Calculate more or less than for a 1kg sea bass or bass it takes about 30/35 minutes of cooking in a ventilated oven at 200 ° C, if the weight is higher or lower, make the proportion, so for example for a fish of 300 g it will take 15 minutes of cooking, for one of 700 g about 25/30 minutes and so on.
  2. Eviscerate the fish without removing the scales. At this point, rinse it with fresh water. Take a pan, large enough to contain all the fish, and sprinkle half of the salt sprinkled with water and compact. Then lay the fish on the salt and cover it with the remaining salt. Spray again with water and compact.
  3. Bake for 30/35 minutes at 200 ° C.


Like all fish recipes it is very important to choose fresh and good quality ingredients. 

Where to find the ingredients

This recipe for Ligurian bream is good for sea bass, withe and sea bass.

Bottega Alimentare Menichelli

From Norcia to Rome, norcini for 4 generations. From 1956 to customer service with competence and seriousness. If you are looking for cod, this is the shop for you!

Renzo & Lucia Egg Pasta and Preparations ready for the oven The success story of “Pasta all'Uovo Renzo &

Mercato Nomentano

The Nomentano market has at its center a real open square with tables and supports made in market style with wooden planks, equipped with wifi to take a break, read the newspaper or eat something. And so beyond Mary's bar which offers, in addition to sandwiches and sandwiches, even ready meals (one day the cous cous, another the cutlets) there is a new possibility of eating at the Nomentano market.

A rustic but extremely tasty dish that appeals to adults and children also like it

Pescheria Mauro Grilli

The Pescheria Grilli has never stopped bringing the best fish from the Tyrrhenian to the Piazza Bologna district.

Pescheria De Santis Donato

Donated for about fifteen years, it is committed to bringing to the tables of its customers only and exclusively national catch.

Macelleria Pennacchia Fabio

Fabio Pennacchia's butcher shop is a magical and unpredictable place, where even those who don't eat meat can shop

The dark chocolate cake is a classic dessert, simple and delicious with few ingredients: eggs, butter, sugar, flour and lots of dark chocolate. Quick to prepare and also very easy, ideal for breakfast and a snack.

corinto mercato di via ostiense

The covered market of the Ostiense- San Paolo neighborhood has an ancient history, first in the street, then in the structure of Via Corinto (in the Sixties), then back on the street during a long renovation and then from the Eighties again indoors.

peperoni arrostiti ad insalata

The salad of roasted peppers is a tasty, light and fresh side dish, ideal for dinners with cold dishes. To be seasoned with aromas and spices to taste according to taste. Excellent with mint and basil.

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The artichoke and parmesan salad is one of the best ways to enjoy artichokes and eat them raw. A light dish with fast preparation, perfect as an appetizer.

Sea bass in salt crust. The best way to taste sea bass (sea bass) is to cook it in a salt crust. This enhances all the flavor of fresh fish.

pescheria maresca montagnola roma

Over 25 years of experience. Present since 1991 with two stores in the same market, the Maresca family brings the fruits, flavors and colors of the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Montagnola district every day.

Frutteria Mauro

Ortofrutteria Orlandi is well supplied and convenient. Specialties from all fruit and vegetable markets. Flowers and ornamental plants on the counter.

The traditional Tuscan recipe, with tomatoes and white wine. An Italian delight.

Pasta is the most popular first course in the world, a symbol of Italian culture and national pride. This is why the Italians are so keen for us to prepare it in a workmanlike manner.

Ortofrutta Sabe

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Present at the Italian Market since 1965, Fabio's butcher's shop is a place for meat lovers. The gourmet preparations are his forte.

Roberto Bayslach

Roberto's butcher's shop is an explosion of tradition and creativity. From him you will find both the classic cuts of the best Italian meats, and some amazing preparations of his creation.

Mercato Italia, Via Catania, 70, 00161 Roma RM

The covered market of via Catania 70, is located in the university district near the University 'Sapienza'

The artichokes alla giudia or alla giudea are a classic of Lazio and Rome gastronomy, perfect as a side dish of saltimbocca alla romana, but they are to be considered a delicious second.

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Pizzicheria Sapori italiani

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Mercato Laurentino

The Laurentino market was built towards the end of the eighties when a group of operators decided to take part in a competition announcement, announced by the Municipality of Rome, for the assignment of parking spaces in the new equipped terraces built in different peripheral locations in the city between which the Laurentino Market, the last outpost on the homonymous street before the South Ring Road.

Mercato Cinecittà

In 2002 the historical market of Cinecittà was transferred from Largo Appio Claudio to a semi-covered structure with iron boxes and plexiglass covers, what is called a well-equipped terrace, in via Quintilio Varo, off the corner of Giulio Capitolino.

Alfredo and Damiano do not have a simple butcher shop, but a real meat costume.

Urka ke Frutta

From Mrs. Assunta seasonal, local and quality products. Arrivals are daily and supplied at the general market in Guidonia.

There are some basic rules that must be adhered to anyway, as well as classical couplings that in reality may not always be correct

To make no mistake, make sure it has the classic round shape of the Parmesan and that on the side it bears the diamond-shaped Pecorino Romano DOP brand with the stylized sheep's head.

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A tantalizing delight and a perfect appetizer to enjoy with a good glass of white wine.

Seafood salad with anchovies and garlic bruschetta. Serve not only as a main dish, but also as an appetizer or side dish.

Mercato Trionfale

The Triumphal market is considered the first Roman street market, it is certainly the largest with its 273 banks and is among the largest in Italy and even in Europe.

melanzane al funghetto

Mushroom aubergines are a typical side dish of Neapolitan cuisine. They are prepared in two variants, with and without tomatoes, cooking the aubergines in small pieces in a pan with garlic and oil. The name derives from the shape of aubergine chunks that resemble small mushrooms. Also excellent for seasoning pasta and filled sandwiches.

The fillet with balsamic vinegar is a second meat dish particularly rich in flavors and simple to make.


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