Piccinilli pasta factory

The best pasta factory in Anagni in the heart of Rome

At the Triumphal Market

Fresh pasta

Fresh pasta with egg mixture and without. Fresh filled pasta with special fillings based on meat or ham.

Cheese-rice ball

Supplì in the best tradition. Gnocchi based on a traditional recipe.

Parmigiana and Lasagna

Prepared as homemade.

pasta trafilata

Pasta drawn in bronze

From shells, to trofie, from paccheri to strozzapreti. All possible varieties.

Preparations to order

I am able to carry out any preparation, exactly as required.

The Pastificio of the city of the Popes

The Piccinilli pasta factory produces fresh pasta every day in Anagni for private consumption and for the best restaurants in the area. The constant attention in the choice of ingredients allows excellent production in all stages of processing.

The proposed specialty

The suggested recipe is rigatoni all'amatriciana, made with bronze drawn pasta, absolutely!

Mercato Trionfale Pastificio Piccinilli

“Life is a combination of Pasta and Magic

Born in 1988, the Piccinilli pasta factory is one of the excellences of Lazio whose delicacies can be savored in the Trionfale market, located in the heart of Rome. In addition to egg pasta - a strong product of the pasta factory - you can savor from lasagna to supplì, up to Amaretti Anticoli. 

Piccinilli pasta factory


+39 366 866 2873



Write to Pastificio Piccinilli for advice or to place an order


Triumphal Market

Via Andrea Doria

giorni e orari di apertura


From Tuesday to Saturday
from 7:00 to 14:00

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