Why prefer the local markets

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Yup! - For everyday shopping I always prefer local markets and the reasons are simple, but let's see which are mine:

  1. In the local market I always have the possibility of being able to exchange opinions on how to use a product in relation to the recipe I want to make and you will be able to see, even from you, that local market traders'the merchants'are always at your complete disposal and know the product they have on the counter very well, and know their strengths and weaknesses, when they are there and if they are there, and they are always ready to give you the right tip, in some cases to suggest that incredible recipe that only they know.
  2. Here we talk about food biodiversity, among the local market stalls you can find food gems that only specialists who live by the success of their counter know how to offer. In any bank of fruit and vegetables of a local market you can find specialties, early fruits or otherwise unavailable because they know perfectly well that the working day can be solved only by offering something more than the large-scale retail trade
  3. Perhaps the most important, is that in the market traders are in direct competition with each other and everyone tries to give their best, so as already mentioned, both in terms of quality / price, both in terms of service must always be one step ahead . Here, if the customer is not satisfied, he goes to the other desk, which is right next door, and this is pure and simple competition that makes any bank of any local market more competitive and efficient than any GDO!

Riccardo Amici

From the kitchen of Mammaboom.com

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