Tradition and convenience
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Who we are and what we do offers an internet space to the Local Markets and to all commercial and professional activities when custodians of the Italian gastronomic traditions, a precious asset to be protected and encouraged.
These pages are an information tool to highlight the incredible experience of traders and producers who populate these places, where you can find a wide variety of products, not just food.
It wants to be a tool to encourage every aspect of information on how, where, when and at what price I can find what I am looking for, especially if my desire refers to thegastronomic excellence of the Italian agri-food universe.

This project stems from the passion for good things and relies on the incredible wealth of experience of commercial operators, the 'Mercatians' who can only be found in the Italian neighborhood markets.
In the Per Mercati website you will find only selected products, traditional recipes and the profiles of dozens of merchants who for years have been working hard to give their experience to customers.
The Per Mercati team is made up of specialists, professionals, entrepreneurs and chefs, who have provided years of experience and knowledge of the area, giving us suggestions and indications on the best that can be found in the world of gastronomy.

What makes it possible for a product to be suggested by Per Mercati, is its absolute quality, uniqueness and wisdom, since excellence comes only from knowledge of historical tradition, the result of years of experience. is a domain of GS Management Systems.

Umberto Berti

Promoter and Founder

Business owner. His specialty ischeese and pepper'without disdaining any first course of fish, it holds a secret to making the best spaghetti with clams all over the planet. Democratic and liberal gourmet, or open to any culinary form, from Mediterranean cuisine to sushi. 

This site is not a news organization as it is updated without any periodicity, it is a communication and information tool. It cannot therefore be considered an editorial product pursuant to law n. 62 of 7/03/2001.