First course

Asparagus and Guanciale Pasta

The half sleeves guanciale and asparagus is a fast and special dish. The creaminess of the asparagus, combined with the unique and exceptional flavor of the pillow make this dish very tasty.

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Braised in Barolo

Braised in Barolo is part of the great classics of Italian cuisine, whose preparation is not at all complex but requires a long marinating, with excellent wine and the right spices and a slow and loving cooking. The result is a tasty dish, rich in flavors, to be accompanied with a bottle of Barolo.

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The pasta alla checca

Pasta alla checca is a typical first course of Roman cuisine. To season the pasta, all rigorously raw, we use the cluster tomatoes, the DOP buffalo mozzarella, basil and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.

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peperoni arrostiti ad insalata
Side dish

Roasted pepper salad

The salad of roasted peppers is a tasty, light and fresh side dish, ideal for dinners with cold dishes. To be seasoned with aromas and spices to taste according to taste. Excellent with mint and basil.

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